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More data, please

Morgan Stanley’s Mobile Internet Report was a huge source of supporting facts and information for me. It’s filled with hundreds of slides with data about the biggest trends in mobile.

Mary Meeker was the primary author of the Mobile Internet Report and has gone on to publish more of her findings in her new role at Kleiner Perkins.

For ongoing mobile market information and data, keep up with Horace Dediu’s articles and pointers on Asymco.

I also publish design-related data points about mobile computing and more every Monday on my blog.

Mobile first development

While this book doesn’t dig into mobile first web development, others have.

Bryan and Stephanie Rieger’s write-up about the construction of their site, Yiibu, outlines how they approached mark-up, style sheets, and content development.

Ethan Marcotte’s Responsive Web Design book outlines how flexible grids, flexible images, and media queries can be used to adapt web site layouts across many devices.

The Cloud Four blog is filled with many great articles about the intersection of mobile devices and the web.

The great debates

Everything in technology and design gets debated and mobile is no different. Here are a few summaries of some of the thornier issues still being discussed.

Native mobile applications vs. mobile web solutions: when does each one make sense and why?

Can we really understand and design for mobile context? Jason Grigsby sums up the issues and provides links to many pertinent articles.

And last but not least: separate mobile web pages or responsive web design? It depends, says Josh Clark in his summary of the issue.