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Big Thanks

Writing a book, no matter how small, is a big undertaking. Thankfully I got a lot of help along the way. Jeffrey Zeldman, Eric Meyer, and the entire An Event Apart crew gave me the chance to talk Mobile First for the first time at their wonderful web conference. There, and everywhere else I presented my Mobile First ideas, I received invaluable feedback and questions that helped shape and refine what’s in this book.

Extra detailed feedback and many big ideas came from my esteemed set of technical reviewers: Bryan and Stephanie Rieger, Jason Grigsby, Craig Villamor, Peter Paul Koch, Josh Clark, and a little bit of Ethan Marcotte (that went a long way). Listening is just as vital to creating a book as writing, and these were the people I spent a lot of time listening to over the past few years.

When it came time to actually turn ideas into words, the A Book Apart team made it easy. My editor Mandy Brown, copyeditor Krista Stevens, designer extraordinaire Jason Santa Maria, and ringmaster Jeffrey Zeldman were an absolute joy to work with.

None of this, though, would be possible without the endless support of my wife Amanda. With our new baby girl, two-year old son, my start-up, and my non-stop travel schedule, she somehow believed I was not totally out of my mind when I decided to write a book as well. Perhaps she was the only one, which is why this book is lovingly dedicated to her.